0. 为增强关键词的搜索效率, 重做搜索模块, 整个任务细分为以下几点:

  • 技术选型 Luence, solr, elasticSearch
  • 安装部署 solr, windows
  • 测试基础功能 MySQL导入, 基础搜索行为测试
  • 增量更新/全量更新/删除 索引
  • 编写定时器脚本 python

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What is pep8 and what are pep8 errors in Python?

PEPs are Python Enhancement Proposals, and they describe and document the way python language evolves. They also provide a reference point (and a standard) for the pythonic way to write code. This is just the style guide for Python Code.

It was designed to help python developers write more readable code. You can read more about it in at our blog in a posts written by one of our Junior Developers PEP8, and why is it important? - Pragmatic Coders

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